Vision Engravers & Routers 2250 Router

The 2550 CNC Router/Engraver  is Vision’s heavy duty routing system. It produces accurate, repeatable, cost-effective work in considerably less time than it takes to do the same work by hand. A Vision CNC Router can handle applications such as milling, drilling, contouring, routing and engraving, and is capable of cutting out 2’ x 4’ sheets of plastic, metal, and more.  Applications include: signs and particle board masters, cutout letters, 3D geometric designs, inlays, control panels, and routing of wood, acrylic, Plexiglas™, Corian™, sign foam and plastics.
All of our 2550 CNC Routers are made in the USA, built to be rugged, reliable and backed with a superior customer support team.

2550 CNC Router Highlights:
• 25″ x 50″ aluminum T-slot table to accommodate various work-holding fixtures
• Can rout out 25″ x any length in multiple sections
• Optional Automatic Raster™ Braille Inserter for automatic braille bead insertion (View The Video)
• 7″ Z axis stroke
• High-quality tubular steel base and stand
• Heavy duty extruded gantry
• Includes Vision Series 3 Controller
• Runs directly from Vision PRO-LT, Vision PRO, CorelDRAW™, Flexi-Sign™, SignLAB™,
EngraveLAB™, Enroute™, Type 3™ and many other software packages
• High performance stepper motors in X, Y and Z axis
• Highly accurate due to the precision lead screw design

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