Engraving Software Allows Users Greater Flexibility

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems’ engraving software, Vision PRO 8, is the latest upgrade for the company’s most graphically advanced engraving software package. Vision PRO software includes features developed specifically for engraving and routing and allows greater flexibility when working with logos and graphics. This extensive software package also has the ability to run virtually any type of router, engraver, laser engraver, color printer, or vinyl plotter on the market.

Among the many new features available with Vision PRO 8 engraving software are text search and replace tools; an international character picker and foreign language support for Braille text; improved vectorization tools; the ability to send proofs directly to customers by e-mail; and advanced fills and graphic capabilities. As with Vision PRO 7.5 engraving software, users can import more than 65 file types, including files from CorelDRAW™ and numerous other popular software programs.

For more information about engraving and routing equipment as well as engraving software, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems.

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