Finding an Engraving Machine That Suits Your Needs

There are engraving machines for a variety of tasks. There are three major varieties of engraving machines. These are specialized engravers, rotary engravers and laser engravers. Each variety is used for different tasks and operates in a different way.

Specialized Engravers: Some are designed to work with special materials. A computerized engraving machine is easy to learn and quite accurate. You can etch any image you would like into a solid metal, creating a mark that is permanent and lasting.

If you want to just engrave trophies, jewelry, or stone, there are a number of very affordable models that you can get. You can get an engraving machine that is industrial grade, or get a simple home device if you’re just pursuing a hobby.

Rotary Engravers: The rotary engraver uses a stationary tool attached to a computer-guided spindle. It has the advantage of being able to engrave many different types of materials. You carefully select the cutting method. Be careful not to cut too deeply, especially on soft surfaces. Use lubrication when appropriate. A rotary engraving machine can be very versatile in a home garage. The catch is you’ll need to replace any cutting heads that become worn or break.

Laser Engravers: A Laser engraving machine uses a series of mirrors and a carbon dioxide powered laser light to engrave a non-metallic piece. You can use a laser engraver to etch metallic pieces, but it requires extra chemicals that need to be applied to the metal’s surface. You can use a laser engraver to cut complicated images onto the surface without any cutting object actually coming in contact. The heat created by the process can be a problem on some surfaces such as plastic or glass that can react badly to the temperature.

For more information about the multiple uses of an engraving machine as well as the multiple varieties of engraving machines, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems.

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