Vision Engraving & Routing Systems’ ADA Braille Signs

Vision Engravers makes it easy to create ADA-compliant signs by using the AUTOMATIC Raster™ BRAILLE INSERTION TOOL. The Raster™ Pen Braille insertion device is an option for our engraving and routing systems and sign-making machines. Vision-Pro software includes Braille fonts and is fully compatible with the Raster™ Method. Vision machinery allows precise placement of the Rasters™ (Braille beads), which are essential for shops producing ADA-compliant signage.

Are you aware that April 2008 marked the final implementation and consolidation of all ADA regulations? For the first time there are clear-cut mandates consistent at the local, state and federal level. These regulations apply to ALL public/private buildings with a common area. These regulations carry with them severe financial penalties you need to be aware of.

Vision’s ADA Assistant Software makes creating ADA-compliant signage fast and easy!

  • Helps ensure that all Braille and text comply with federal standards
  • Automatically places Braille with correct spacing
  • Recommends auto-sizing of text for overhead signs
  • Includes all standard pictorial symbols used with ADA Braille signs
  • Provides an auto-alert for non-compliant signs, showing areas needing correction.

For more information about ADA Braille Signs, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems.

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