ARA Webinar Presentation

Vision’s own Tony G. will be presenting a webinar with ARA (Awards & Recognition Association) on June 28, 2011 at 2pm CT. Tony will be creating a print-to-cut acrylic ADA sign using the Vision 1624 engraving machine.

Combining Rotary, ADA and Print to Expand Revenue Streams:

1. Using a digitally aligned cutting system to create custom shape background substrate [Vinyl applied 1st surface to a .250 sintra material, will cut through vinyl and substrate at same time]

2. Utilizing Vision PRO engraving software to create ADA-compliant Braille layout

3. Utilizing Vision 1624 plastic engraving machine to insert the Braille and make the tactile portion of the sign

4. Using the 1624 engraving machine to create custom elements in the sign

To attend this webinar, register at

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