Nesting Objects in Vision PRO

Our Vision PRO engraving software allows you to easily nest into the minimum area on your material, to avoid wasted material. Nesting may also be used to rearrange shapes across a non-rectangular area, such as leftover engraving material.

The nesting command can be found in the ARRANGE menu.

To nest the individual letters of a sentence, use the TEXT TO GRAPHICS command first. Otherwise, the entire sentence will be arranged to fit your engraving material, instead of the individual letters.

Nesting Control Panel in Vision PRO

  • Specify Corners: Choose the corner that you would like the nesting to begin. The objects will begin in that corner, and extend across the plate
  • Directions: The direction that shapes will be arranged across the engraving material
  • Rotation: Allow rotation of shapes by the specified angle. For example: if you specify 20 degrees, the shape will be rotated in increments of 20 degrees to find the optimum placement on your engraving area.
  • Nesting Border: the minimum distance away from the edge of your engraving area
  • Clearance Between Objects: The minimum distance between shapes
  • Error Factor of Clearance: A value used to adjust nesting based on the average shape sizes
  • Allow Mirrored Parts: Select this option to allow shaped to be flipped horizontally or vertically during the nesting process
  • Keep Groups Intact: If this option is off, grouped shapes will be separated when arranged onto the engraving area
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