Creative ADA Compliant Signs

Standard ADA SignADA compliant signs don’t always have to be the same old, boring, standard blue and white signs. How many times have you seen the standard bathroom sign?  You can combine a variety of processes to create a visually pleasing, unique sign that is also ADA compliant.

The easiest way to customize your signSumo ADA Sign is to use different colors of engravers plastic. Rowmark provides engravers plastic in many colors. Choose a color other than the standard blue to set your sign apart. You can also customize your icon, instead of using the standard Men or Women graphics. For this bathroom sign for an Asian restaurant, we used a sumo wrestler graphic on the Men’s room sign.

The Vision DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System) Camera can be used to create print-to-cut items Shark ADA Signfor your sign. Have your graphic printed on a piece of engraving material, and then use your routing machine to cut out the graphic. For this Aquarium ADA sign, we printed a coral reef graphic on a piece of material and cut it out with our 2550 Router. We created our ADA component on clear frosted engravers plastic, and placed it over the coral reef print. This created a two dimensional sign, which is completely ADA compliant.

Creating an ADA sign with a Vision Engraver or Router is simple. Our Vision PRO engraving software contains the approved ADA fonts, and places the Braille in the correct position underneath the text.  Our machine will drill the holes for your Braille beads at the correct depth and width, and the Automatic Raster Insertion pen will automatically insert the Braille beads for you.

Have you created any creative ADA signs? What techniques did you use?

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