How To: Create a Rhinestone Design with Your Vision Engraver [VIDEO]

Using your Vision Engraver and a heat press, you can create stunning rhinestone t-shirts, tote bags, and more.


Materials Needed:

  • Hot Fix Rhinestones
  • Engraver’s Plastic
  • Transfer Tape
  • Flat Pad-Style Brush
  • Heat Press
  • Vision Engraving Machine
  • Item to Apply Rhinestone Design

Step 1: Create a design in Vision PRO, or import your graphic from Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2: Select Your Entire Design and create a tool path using the drill contour option.

Step 3: Make sure the cutter you are using is selected and select a color for your tool path.

Step 4: In the Drill Contour dialog box, select the distance and node points option to set your tool path.

Step 5: Send the job to the engraver. Select engrave by color, and select the color of your tool path.

Step 6: Once the template is finished engraving, pour the rhinestones over the design. Using the flat brush spread the stones over all of the holes.

Step 7: Place the transfer tape over your design to remove the rhinestones from the engraved template and transfer to your item. Make sure the item is ironed flat.

Step 8: Use the heat press to affix the rhinestones, this should take about 15 seconds. Carefully remove the transfer tape to see your finished product.

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