Serialization in Vision Pro Engraving Software

In this tutorial we will explain a specific example of marking individual parts using the Serialization (numbering of engraved pieces for identification purposes) feature in Vision PRO and Vision PRO LT.


  1. Download this file [serialize.cdl], and open in Vision PRO or Vision PRO LT.
  2. Select the text with your cursor, then go to the Layout menu and select Badges.
  3. In the Badges toolbox, change the number of copies to 15. Make sure the Use Plate box is checked and the Custom Size box is not. Also, be sure the Replacement Data box is empty for this example.
  4. Highlight the text you would like to serialize, and click Ok to open the Text Substitution window.
  5. In the Text Substitution toolbox, click on the text at the top of the chart, and hit Serialization.
  6. In the Serialization window that appears, type the number as it appears on the plate. Highlight the number, and press Set Base.
  7. Enter the Increment number (the amount by which you would like the part numbers to increase). Click Ok.
  8. You will notice the Text Substitution toolbox chart has filled in, with each number increasing by the increment number. Click Ok.
  9. Now we have 15 copies of the file, each containing a different number from A0000001-A0000015.
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