Vision Series 4 Controller:The Next Generation in Motion Controllers

Series 4 ControllerIntroducing the next generation of motion controllers, the Vision Series 4 Controller. The new generation controller will be used on all Phoenix 1212, 16 Series, MAX Series, 24 Series, and 25 Series engraving machines and CNC routers.

The Vision Series 4 controller comes standard with a newly designed hand-held pendant with a large full color LCD which replaces the front panel on the older controller. The pendant is held in a bracket mounted to the engraving machine or CNC router for easy access and control of the machine while. With the addition of the hand-held pendant, the controller can now be placed off of the table where the engraving machine is located, or hidden under your larger CNC router to save space. The new Vision Series 4 controller is now easier to use than any of the previous motion controllers from Vision. We have reorganized the menu options based on customer input to provide easy to navigate controls for your engraving machine or cnc router. The red laser pointer operation has been enhanced to allow for easier setting of engraving home positions.

The Vision Series 4 controller was developed, with our customer in mind, to accomplish three primary goals:

1. Improve the user experience by making it faster, friendlier and easier to use.

2. Increase customer productivity by reducing setup time.

3. Keep up to-date with today’s technology.

New engraving machines and CNC routers, except for the Express & VE 810, will ship with the new Series 4 Controller and Vision 9 Software. Have a question about the new Vision Series 4 controller, and how it will work with your engraving machine or CNC router, leave a comment below.

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