Vision Engraving & Routing Systems Presents their New Free Clipart Download Page

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems releases a new Free Clipart Download page on their website. Many new and current engraving and routing machine owners are constantly looking for graphics to use on their next engraving or routing project. Now they can download various free graphics from Vision’s website The high quality clipart is designed specifically for use on an engraving or CNC routing application, but can also be used for other types of graphics related projects. The downloadable zip file contains ai., DXF., EPS., JPG., PDF., plt. and CDL. If you own or plan on buying a CNC router or engraving machine from Vision, you’ll be happy to know that CDL is the file type used in Vision software and that the other file types can be imported into other similar software.


“Many of the free clipart is associated with an event or holiday like Christmas or New Years, Allowing machine owners to create something relevant for an occasion that could possibly generate revenue for them.”
-Melissa Williams, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, Graphic Designer


Vision states that the clipart is free to use on engraving projects but, not for resale or profit in its digital form. The clipart download is part of the Vision Insider, a monthly newsletter offering engraving & CNC routing tips, insightful videos,demonstrations and downloads. To subscribe to the Vision Insider go to and fill out the form.


For more information about the new Clipart Downloads, or for questions about engraving and routing machines, please contact the Vision sales office at (888) 637-1737 or visit online at

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