2017 APA Expo Recap

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems would like to thank everyone who visited their booth at the 2017 APA Expo, International Awards & Personalization Association. Visitors were able to watch machine demos that showcased diamond drag (scratch engraving) on brass and ADA Compliant Braille Signage on engravers plastic and acrylic. With a high attendance of dedicated businesses and professionals the 2017 APA Expo was a very successful show for Vision, offering an affordable cost-effective solutions to a variety of sign and marking applications.

The VE 810 engraver was a big hit at the Expo, small enough to fit on most desktops and capable of marking on metal, plastic, and other materials, it’s perfect for business looking to maximize their capabilities without sacrificing floor space. Vision’s 2525 CNC Router was also at the expo, representing Vision’s line of American made CNC Routing machines and their many options. These options allow them to do a variety of applications including but not limited to, print-to-cut, deep metal engraving, ADA Braille Signs and more. The 2525 showed its advantage over laser engravers while working with acrylic and plastics at the expo, Vision’s rotary systems can engrave and cut plastics without releasing toxic fumes into the air.

You won’t need an expensive venting system with a Vision CNC Router, just one of the many benefits of using Vision rotary system as opposed to a laser engraver.“ Says Joe Marziano, Vision’s Vice President.

There was also great interest in Vision’s wall of samples and the different types of finished applications made on Vision’s machines. The 2017 APA Expo is filled with an industrious group of show goers, always looking for new ways to generate more revenue by looking at different markets. By adding new services to their shop or store, they can attract new clientele while offering diverse services to their current customers. Vision’s CNC Routers opens up a variety of application possibilities, already known at the APA as a highly capable machine for plaques, trophies and all manner of awards, the Vision machine is also highly proficient and sought after in other profitable industries. Anyone with a Vision engraver or CNC Router is just a few steps away from making tags, parts marking, gift engraving, firearms serialization and other aplications too numerous to list. The sign industry is a good example of a market that can be successfully entered with a Vision CNC Router,  you can make a variety of custom signage with a vision machine, add in the optional Raster® Pen License Kit, matched with  Vision software you’ll be able to create ADA Compliant Braille Signs, which is a billion dollar industry in it’s self!

Vision Pro software gives an alert when the Sign is non-ADA Compliant, letting you know the areas needing correction. This feature allows you easily make ADA signs that are compliant on a Vision CNC Router.”  Says Cliff Cabral, Vision’s Applications Manager.

*The Raster® Method is a licensed, patented process, by Accent Signage Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing in the USA since 1983, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems has established it’s self as an affordable, quality, American made solution to the awards and personalization market. Bringing a cost-effective solutions to business and shops in their current market and beyond, to helping them grow with their new ideas and plans to achieve success. Learn what a Vision Engraving & CNC Routing Machine can do for business, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems today!

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems builds rugged, reliable, low-maintenance engravers and CNC Routers, packed with leading features, and offered at competitive prices to provide the best value for their customers. And remember, to achieve success you need an idea, a plan and a Vision! Contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems Today! Toll Free: 800-637-1737 Ph: 602-439-0600  E-mail: info@visionengravers.com  Online: http://www.visionengravers.com

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