2017 NBM Show Secaucus Recap

Thank you to all who visited Vision Engraving & Routing Systems
at the 2017 NBM Show SecaucusThose who came by was able to watch a live brass engraving demo on the High-Quality Low-Cost Express Small Engraver. We also had an ADA Compliant Braille Sign demo on the 2525 CNC Router / Engraver with optional Automatic Raster® Braille Insertion Tool. The Automatic Raster® Braille Insertion Tool, an available option for the 1612 Pro Engraver and larger Vision Machines, allows sign business to make custom ADA Compliant Braille Signs quickly & easily.

Precisely placing Rasters ® (Braille Beads) on to the sign automatically, the Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool eliminates the slow & tedious process of inserting Rasters® manually. By speeding up the ADA Sign making process you’ll save time and money, plus customers will be much happier with your faster the turnaround.

Also in our booth, the Express Engraver is an affordable, entry level engraving machine that boasts big features in a compact footprint. The Express Engraving Machine is made in the USA and comes standard with many advanced features like an integrated controller for fast high quality engraving, easy to use Vision Express Engraving Software, T-Slot Table, and much more!

“The size, capabilities, & affordability of the Express Small Engraver drew a lot of positive feedback from booth visitors.” said Zach Houser, Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Applications Engineer.

The 2017 NBM Show Secaucus was an awesome venue for Vision Engraving & Routing Systems. The live ADA Signage demo with the 2525 CNC Router and optional Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool was a big hit with show goers.  The Express Small Engraver was also a great draw, surprising many new business owners and startups with its high quality and low cost.
The NBM Shows has always been a great venue for us, connecting with old and new business partners, we can’t wait till the next NBM Show!

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems is the largest engraving machine manufacturer in the USA. Building rugged, reliable, low-maintenance engravers and CNC routers since 1983, packed with leading features, and offered at competitive prices to provide the best value for their customers.

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