Node Editing in the Vision Software (Part 2)

Continuing from part 1 of Node Editing, we can right click and hold on a node and that brings up another menu.

While holding down the right click button, you can slide the cursor over the 1 of the 8 icons and in the lower left of the screen it will tell you what that icon is. ***When you pull up this window on some graphics (like polyarcs), there will not be an option for changing the nodes.***

If you slide your cursor over 1 of the icons and let go of the right click, that node will change to the icon you are hovering over.

To find out what each icon is, go to the help menu (F1)-do not be in node editing mode to get the help menu, then in the search box to the left, type in Arc Edit Tool, enter, double left click on Arc Edit Tool, and then scroll thru the list.

***If you would like to change an object from a polyarc to a polygon for editing purposes, go to the top ribbon and click on Arrange, scroll down to Convert to, and pick what you want.***

Hopefully this helps, be sure to check out our other Quick Tips, lots of info and a new 1 each month.

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