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Vision Engraving & Routing Systems would like to thank everyone who visited their booth at the 2018 Vendor Show Orlando, Florida! Catering to Sir Speedy, PIP, Multicopy The Communication Company and Signal Graphics, the Vendor Show is an excellent venue to reach a successful group of franchises. Those who visited Vision’s booth was privy to a live ADA Compliant Braille Sign and Print-To-Cut demo on Vision’s very popular 2550 CNC Router / Engraver.

The ideal way to make ADA Compliant Braille signs is with an Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool. This tool eliminates the tedious process of inserting Rasters® (Braille Beads) by hand. It automatically places the Rasters® (Braille Beads) precisely on to the braille sign, for faster turnaround times. Higher volume usually means a higher profit margin when compared to single item sign jobs. The Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool is an available option for Vision’s 1612 Pro Engraver and larger Vision machines.

Vision’s Digitally Aligned Cutting System (DACS) is easy-to-use and requires minimal training and setup time. It provides perfect print-to-cut registration for Vision’s CNC routers and is the most cost-effective, accurate solution for improving digital finishing. DACS allows sign shop’s to leverage their digital printing capabilities with their Vision CNC Router. This allows for digitally enhanced signage, precision cutouts and a variety of print to substrate applications.

Made in the USA Vision’s 25 Series CNC Routers are the most affordable CNC Routers in its class. Available with a variety of options, including the newly acquired Storm & Hurricane Single Phase Vacuum Pumps made by Black Box Vacuum Systems. Black Box Vacuum’s are also American made and being a single phase system, it lowers the overall cost of owning a Vision CNC Router Vacuum Table.

A Vision CNC Router with Vacuum table makes setting up a job much faster, you don’t have to worry about clamps or fixtures.”, said Zach Houser, Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Applications Engineer. The Black Box Vacuum systems does not require the installation of an expensive 3 phase electrical system.  This makes owning a Vision CNC Router with Vacuum table a very cost effective option.”

The 2018 Vendor Show was very successful for Vision Engraving & Routing Systems. Their live ADA Sign and Print-to-Cut demos attracted much attention and was a great way to showcase the 2550 CNC Router’s sign capabilities to a gathering crowd. Vision was able to communicate and connect with the various franchises at the show, establishing new long lasting business partners as well as reconnecting with current ones. Vision’s success at the Vendor Show reaffirms that their brand of quality made, American made, precision CNC routers and engravers are essential for any one looking to establish a successful franchise.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems is the largest engraving machine manufacturer in the USA. Building rugged, reliable, low-maintenance engraving machines and CNC routers since 1983. Their systems are packed with leading features, and offered at competitive prices to provide the best value for their customers. And remember, to achieve success you need an idea, a plan, and a Vision!

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