Vision 10 Auto Kern

Auto kern in the Vision 10 software can be a very useful tool because you can assign a cutter size and the kern (space between characters) will automatically adjust so that you don’t have text characters overlapping.

Go into Text Tools, you can choose either Frame Text Compose or Text Compose, drop down the Toolbar mode then left click on Character.

Now left click on Auto Kern, left click on the drop down menu, put in the size of the cutter (engraving tool) that you want to use and left click OK.

Type out the text and it will automatically kern so that the characters won’t overlap.

This is what it looks like with an Online tool path using a .060 engraver at a depth of .010 (which is the general tool depth needed for 1/16” and 1/8” engravers plastic).  Remember to turn off auto kern when you don’t need it, like if you are doing diamond drag.

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