Universal Pin Fixture

The universal pin fixture can be used on any of Vision’s engraving machines.  It can be put on the vise on the Max and Max Pro, on the deep vise, and it comes with t-nuts so that it can be used right on the t-slot table also.

It is generally used for holding round, odd shapes, hard to hold shapes (i.e. motorcycle parts, flasks, jewelry, knives, etc.) or be able to go from easy objects to hard ones with little effort. It comes with 7 short pins and 7 longer pins.

The t-nut and bolt go in the large center holes.  The 4 screws for attaching the fixture to the vises (deep vise, rotary vise, etc.) go on the outer large holes.  All the small 1/8” holes are for placing the 1/8” in pins (metal dowels).

These 4 holes are for the large pins that can be used on top of the deep vise, rotary vises, etc.  Sometimes you can just use the large pins to hold the fixture on a vise without the screws but if you need the fixture to be secure, use the 4 screws.

Use the shortest pins that will keep the object in place so there is not too much sticking up for the engraving tool to hit during the job.

Hope this helps, check back with us next month for another Quick Tip and check the archives for more.

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