Converting Wingdings Font to Objects

Wingdings are symbols as opposed to letters and numbers characters, using a different picture for each character. Similar to clipart, you can convert a Wingdings Font into an object in Vision Engraving Software. After converting a Wingdings Font into an object, you will be able to edit and customize how it looks.

1) The Wingdings family fonts Wingdings, Wingdings 2, and Windings 3 have approximately 270 different symbols.
2) The Wingdings font(s) are symbols and not text.
3) Find the symbol in Wingdings, 2 or 3.
4) Example for ⌛ located under Wingdings as the number 6, or [ for symbol ☯. Both upper-case and lower-case fonts represent different symbols in Wingdings.

Selecting all fonts wingdings.

5) Select the character by highlighting it, then switch to Wingdings. The Wingdings family is a Windows default font located under fonts in the text menu.

Highlighting font then switching it to wingdings.

6) The next step is to convert the text to a graphical object.
a. Select the text to change by clicking on it once.
b. In the top menu toolbar, go to Arrange (1)
c. Select Text to Graphics. (2)
d. Or the shortcut key ALT-B

Steps showing how to convert text to an object.

7) The previous text is now a separate graphical object, that you can change and edit, like any other graphic object.

Winding converted to an object.

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