Persistent Set surface Small Machines

This icon is for enabling Set Surface every time you send a job over. If you have proximity turned off, and this is highlighted, it will prompt you to set the surface every time you send a job over. With it turned off, it will retain the last surface that was set.

  1. On the front of the touch panel display, select the gear/settings icon.
Select setting icon.

2) Select the Swiss army knife.

Select Swiss army knife icon.

3) Select the Persistent set surface button. If the background is black, it is disabled. If the background is yellow it is enabled.

4) Exit this menu.

Select Persistent Set Surface Iif "yellow" it is enabled.

5) Exit this menu also and return to the home screen.

Exit this menu also.

6) Send the job over from Vision 10 Software with the (Proximity Disabled) and run job.

Run the job.

7) The engraver will then bring you to the job button screen to set the surface. Using the Z-Axis up and down jog buttons, lower the Z-Axis and set the surface of the tool to the surface of the material.

8) Press the Yellow set button last.

Press the Yellow set button last.

9) Run the job.

Run the job.

This is an effective tool if you are engraving material that has an inconsistent depth between materials.

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