Rotate an Object

The ability to rotate an object in Vision Engraving Software can be a very useful tool. Most people use it when designing, but also when laying out the cut file or multiple cut files onto the material. Correctly laying out your project can minimize waste as well as save you time when running a job. Read below to learn how to rotate an object in Vision Engraving Software.

The ability to rotate an object either by a specific angle or in 90-degree increments is in the top toolbar, just below the menu toolbar.

Located on the top toolbar is where you can rotate and object.

  1. First, select the object you want to rotate. You can rotate at any angle. The adjustment can be decreased or increased by typing in the text box.
Select the object you wish to rotate.

2. By clicking either the up or down arrow, it will rotate 90° either direction.

Up and down arrow keys to rotate the object in different directions.

3. This is an example of a Negative rotation (-90 degrees) using the down arrow, as it would be rotated to the right if it were a 90-degree rotation using the up arrow.

Object at a 90 degree rotation.

4. Here is an example of an object rotated at a 45° angle.

Object at a 45 degree angle.

5. You can also input a specific rotation angle and make fine adjustments.

You can type in the amount of rotation or use the arrow key.

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