Installing Plastic Clamps For The Vacuum Hose Line On The Express Engraver

1) The black clamps included with your white vacuum hose line are used to keep your vacuum hose line in place. In this post we are installing plastic clamps on the Express Small Engraving Machine.

Vacuum Hose Line Installed on the Express Engraver with Plastic Clamps.

2) Locate the 2 black plastic clamps and the 2 additional bolts attached to the vacuum hose.  

Plastic Clamps to hold down the vacuum hose.

3) As you are facing the Express Engraving Machine, remove the top 2 left screws holding on the side cover.

Remove screws from the Express Engraver.

4) Insert the screws and install them with the plastic clamps.

Reinstall screws back on to the Express Engraver with plastic clamps on. You are now done installing plastic clamps on the Express Engraver.

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