Glass Engraving with a Rotary Engraver

Engraved Glass with Gold Paint Fill

Engraving glass can be a challenging and intricate process. However, it’s also highly profitable for those who have the right equipment and accessories. Rotary engraving works well on glass items, and there are cylindrical engravers available that will allow you to easily engrave around a glass or another circular item.

When working with glass on a rotary engraving machine, you should keep the glass wet to increase the quality of the engraving and to prolong your tool life. The Vision MAX Pro has a recirculating water feature that distributes water evenly over the piece before and during the engraving process.

Engraving glass calls for very light pressure on the surface, in order to reduce the chance for chips or cracks around the engraving. I have found that a rotating diamond cutter with an EZ Rider Burnishing Adapter works really well for this application.

If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, you can fill your engraving with paint once complete.

Want to learn more about engraving glass? Download a pdf to walk you through the process step-by step.

Do you have any glass engraving tips or experience you would like to share? Please post a comment.

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