Up Cut Bits vs Down Cut Bits

Picking between an up cut or down cut CNC router bit can be a daunting task especially you are just starting out. Without going into to much detail here is a little info to help you choose the correct bit.

Up cut bit

Up-Cut bits forces chips up.

Up-Cut Bits Pros:
Very efficient at keeping chips from building up in the cut area.
Build up of chips in the cut area can cause bind

ing possibly breaking the bit.

Up-Cut Bits Cons:
Will try to lift your application off the table.
Will leave a rough frayed top edge on wood.









Down cut bit

Down-Cut bits forces chips down.

Down-Cut Bits Pros:
Leaves a nice clean edge.
Pushes application down towards table.

Down-Cut Bits Cons:
Not very efficient at removing chips from cut area.
Which can lead to a build up of chips, causing binding possibly breaking the bit.


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