What is Fill Overlap?

Fill overlap has to do with the Fill tool path for deep engraving and routing.  It’s like mowing the lawn, we have to overlap the previous row or we have a thin line of grass sticking up.

Fill overlap is under Fill style in the Fill tool path.  Typically, S-sweep is used for the fill style and the overlap should be 30%, this will give it a smooth finish inside of the fill (the higher the percent the smoother it will be but it  takes longer).  10% overlap can be used if it is not going to be visible (like making the pocket for an inlay or paint  fill).  It is best to have Fill Style on so that you can see the full tool path.

Sometimes it is more time efficient to use a different fill style like Island instead of the S-sweep but if you do, make sure it is covering the whole area, if there is white in the toolpath-the fill is not covering the whole area.

If it isn’t covering then go to 60% overlap and that should fix it.

***Note: If using the nose cone for engraving and the fill area is larger than the nose cone, use only the S-sweep fill or the nose cone will fall into the area you are doing the fill on.***

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