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2019 NBM Show Columbus, Ohio Recap

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems would like to thank everyone who stopped by their booth at the 2019 NBM Show Columbus, Ohio! Those who visited their booth was able to watch a live ADA Compliant Braille Sign and Print-To-Cut demo on Vision’s popular 25 Series CNC Router / Engraver and a metal engraving demo on the Express High-Quality Low-Cost small engraving machine!

An option for Vision’s 16 Series Engravers and larger machines, the Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool eliminates the tedious process of inserting Rasters® (Braille Beads) by hand. It automatically places the Rasters ® (Braille Beads) precisely on to the braille sign, allowing for faster turnaround times. Making it an ideal tool for high volume ADA braille sign projects, which usually translates into a higher profit margin when compared to single item sign jobs.

Providing perfect Print-To-Cut registration, Vision’s DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System) is an easy-to-use system that requires minimal training and setup time. It’s an available option for Vision’s CNC routers and is the most cost-effective, accurate solution for improving digital finishing. DACS integrates a sign shop’s digital printing capabilities with their Vision CNC Router’s capabilities. This allows for beautiful image intense digital finishing with printed signs, cut-outs and more.

Vision’s American Made 25 Series CNC Routers are the most affordable CNC Routers in its class. Available with a variety of options including the Auto Raster® Braille Insertion Tool, DACS, Oscillating Knife, High Frequency Spindle, UNIST Misting System and more. The 25 Series is a highly capable machine that can do a variety of applications. It also comes with the NEW V-Touch Pendant which features a multi-functional touch screen display. Vision’s NEW V-Touch Pendant puts power at your fingertips!

Also featured at the show was Vision’s Express Small Engraver, the High-Quality Low-Cost engraving machine. Made in the USA, the Express Engraver is an affordable, entry level engraving machine. The Express Engraver comes standard with many advanced features like an integrated controller for fast high quality engraving, easy to use Vision Express Engraving Software, T-Slot Table, and also a NEW V-Touch LCD touch screen! The V-Touch LCD screen allows you to access machine setting and more with just a touch of your fingertips.  You can also save jobs directly on to the Express’s internal memory, allow you to run saved jobs without being connected to a computer.

“To be able to run jobs without being connected to a computer has many benefits.” said Joe Ivanenok, Vision Engraving & Routing System’s President. He goes on to say, “This makes the Express Small Engraver very portable and easier to train on. Once the job is saved, won’t need to touch the software, just place the material on to the engraving area and you are ready to go!”

The 2019 NBM Show Columbus, Ohio was a very successful show for Vision Engraving & Routing Systems. Their live ADA Sign and Print-to-Cut demo on the 2550 CNC Router / Engraver was a big hit at the show.  Vision was able to communicate and connect with show goers, creating new business partners as well as reconnecting with current ones. Their continued success at the NBM shows, reaffirms Vision as a leader in the sign routing and engraving industry as well as other related markets.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems is the largest engraving machine manufacturer in the USA. Building rugged, reliable, low-maintenance engravers and CNC routers since 1983, packed with leading features, and offered at competitive prices to provide the best value for their customers.

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