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How to Reduce Spindle Vibration

If you have noticed the spindle is a bit loud when engraving, there is a trick you can do for FLX, ACR, BAL, SSS, CTBV, and PAR cutters (also the ADA tooling) to balance out the tool to reduce vibration in the spindle.

Loosen the set screw in the brass collar so you can spin the collar around so the set screw is lined up with the flat of the engraver tip.

By doing this trick, it balances out the tool.  If your cutters are already set to the proper heights for the engraving head, you will want to reset them (zeroing out the cutters, etc.-use the cheat sheet if you have ADA tools) so you can line up the set screw with the flat of the blade.  How to zero out the cutters is in the vision manual (icon on the desktop).

Hope that helps, check back next month for another Quick Tip and check the archives in Quick Tips for the previous tips.