Setting an Engraving Offset

When engraving, you may find the need to begin your engraving in a place other than the top left corner of your table. The Vision engraving and routing machines make it very simple to change your home position.

Series 3 Controller Pendant

First, place the material you would like to engrave on the table in the desired position. Then, use the XY jog buttons on your controller to move the spindle to the upper left corner of the area you plan to engrave. Now press the SET OFFSET button to set your custom home position. It’s that easy!

Please note that your machine will now engrave from that position until the machine is turned off or you clear the offset.  To clear the offset, press the GO TO HOME button to return the spindle to the upper left hand side of the table. Once it is there, press SET OFFSET to set the home back to the default position.

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