Engraver Maintenance: Removing Engraving Chips!

Engraving and routing can create quite a mess, especially when engraving plastic or wood. Vision suggests cleaning your engraving table often so that your machine can perform at its best. Keeping the engraver clean will minimize wear and tear of the machine, and will even improve the quality of your final engraved piece.

Vision Vacuum Chip Removal SystemWe recommend using our optional Vacuum Chip removal System with your Vision machine. This simplifies the engraving process by removing chips and debris from thVacuum Noseconee table while engraving. The vacuum attached to a special nosecone that removes chips before they have the chance to cause any problems.

If you do not wish to use the Vacuum Chip Removal System, we suggest use a portable vacuum to remove the engraving chips, but do not apply direct suction to the spindle area.

Keeping the table free of chips and dust during the engraving process will help keep the spindle are from overheating. It will also keep the nose cone from skipping over sections that are blocked by debris.

Keep an eye out for our next post on Replacing the Motor Belt and Brushes, or go back and read our last post on lubricating the X, Y, and Z leadscrews.

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