Vision 2550 Router/Engraver Now Available with a Vacuum Table

Our popular router, the Vision 2550, is now available with a Vacuum Table in place of our standard T-Slot Table. A heavy-duty vacuum is attached to the table, pulling air down through the surface of the table and your sacrificial material (MDF or other scrap surface material), to hold your work piece in place. This feature eliminates the need for tape and clamps, which can cause damage to your material. The vacuum table feature also allows for full use of your engraving area, your final product can take up the entire table because there is no need to leave room for holding fixtures.

You can simply place your engraving material on the table, turn on the vacuum, and the machine is ready to cut or engrave.

To request more information on the Vision 2550 Vacuum Table model, click here.

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