Creating a Multi-Line Plate [Video]

In this tutorial we will explain a specific example of creating a Multi-Line plate step-by-step in Vision PRO. We will discuss making a new plate, changing font style and size, and setting the text compression properties for your frame.
  1. Set Plate Size to 3 in x 1.5 in. Set the Plate Origin to the upper left corner.
  2. Select the Resize Objects Proportionally box. This will resize any objects to fit the plate, in case you need to change your plate size later. Click Ok.
  3. To create your text, go to the Text Tool, and select Frame Text Compose.
  4. Choose your font. We are using Dino, a single line font.
  5. Set the Font Height and Line Spacing. For this example we are using 0.250 for the Font Height and 155 for the Line Spacing.
  6. Select the Frame Properties toolbox. Check that the frame is set to Fixed Width and Fixed Height, and the Margins are set to Percentage.
  7. Open the Horizontal Compression toolbox. Be sure ‘Compress text only when width exceeded’ is selected. Select ‘Width Compression’ as the method, and ‘Apply to All Lines Equally.’ Then Press Ok, and close the Frame Properties toolbox.
  8. Now you can enter your text.
  9. Once you are happy with the text, click File and Save.
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