4 Quick Tips from Vision’s Tech Support Team

1. Working with an odd shaped flat item? Try scanning the shape into Vision Pro before setting up the job. You can use the outline of the shape as a template for fitting your text and design.

2. When creating ADA signage, try using a .010 – .020” flex cutter instead of a profile cutter for your raised elements. You should find that there is much less cleanup. Also, remember to use a brush to clean off your letters before removing excess appliqué material.

3. When deep engraving into metal such as brass or stainless steel, try experimenting with a quarter round cutter, as well as some kind of coolant (such as machine oil) on the metal. The quarter round cutter provides greater chip clearance, and is also effective for acrylics. Combined with a high RPM and low feed rate, you should see excellent results.

Max Pro

Vision Max Pro Engraver

4. Did you ever engrave a glass item on the Max Pro and find some of the characters didn’t engrave? Usually a little more pressure will solve the problem. Remember that the bigger the tip of the diamond, the more pressure you need for the diamond to cut glass. For example, it takes more pressure to engrave glass with a .015″ tip rotating diamond than it does to engrave glass with a .005″ tip rotating diamond. Also important to note is that if you apply more pressure, you may need to add some more Z-lift height. If you don’t have enough Z-lift height when the diamond lifts to go to the next character, it will stay in contact with the glass and make a visible drag line between the characters. For the best quality, always use the Max Pro’s recirculating water system to keep water on the glass when engraving it.

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