How to Re-Engrave One Section of a Job

The proximity restart feature works is any Vision machine that uses a Series 3 controller (including the pendant). It is used to re-engrave a job starting from a position other than the beginning of the job. This is very useful if a job has been completed but part of the job did not engrave completely.

To Use the proximity restart feature:

  1. Press the START button on the controller. This will re-send the previously engraved job to the machine. The LCD will show:
  2. Press START to Go
    • EXIT to Abort
    • Z-Up to Prox-Restart
  3. Press the Z-Up jog arrow. Use the X and Y job keys to move the cutter out near the position that you would like to start engraving. You can use the Z-Down arrow to move the spindle closer to the material so you can be more precise in finding the location.
  4. When the spindle is near the location you would like to start engraving from, press the START button. The controller will find the point in the job that is closest to the current spindle location. The LCD screen will say Restart Here? Press the START button, and the machine will start engraving from that position.
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