The Vision Express: Vision Quality at an Entry-Level Price

Express EngraverWe are very excited to release a new engraving machine, the Vision Express Engraver. The Express is an entry-level rotary engraving machine with an affordable price tag. With a 6” x 8” engraving area, and an overall size of only 17.5” x 17.5”, the Vision Express Engraver is ideal for shops with limited space or a limited budget. This engraving machine is ideal for engraving medallions, gifts, jewelry, and many other items made from metal, acrylic, brass, wood, or plastic.

As with every engraving machine from Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, the Express Engraver is designed and manufactured in the United States to our high-quality standards. The machine uses high quality square linear bearings and lead screws on all three axes. The Express Engraver comes standard with an advanced control system with Ethernet connection, which allows for fast engraving, up to 3” per second. It also includes a surface sensor for irregular surfaces, T-Slot table with edge guides and a red laser pointer to easily preview jobs.

The Express Engraver comes complete with our Express software package, a multi-mat, a .015 FLX cutter, and a non-rotating diamond engraver. Additionally, the Express comes with a comprehensive manual with training exercises and with an easy to follow training videos. Optional work-holding fixtures and cutters can be purchased through the Vision Engraving & Routing Systems online store.

Want to learn more about the Express Engraver? Click here or call 888-637-1737 to speak to a Vision Engraving & Routing Systems representative.

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