The iMARC-IT Engraver: Vision’s New All-In-One Machine

iMARC-IT EngraverThe iMARC-IT engraver is an affordable, self-contained engraving machine from Vision Engraving & Routing Systems. This easy-to-use engraving machine requires absolutely no training, software, or computer to run. Just plug-in the machine and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions on the large color LCD Display to engrave. Anyone can run this engraver, even with no previous engraving experience.

The iMARC-IT engraver is ideal for diamond drag engraving onto a variety of metals. The 2.5” x 6” engraving area is perfect for engraving pet tags, identification plates, and small gift items. This engraving machine comes standard with 7 Engraving fonts, and a large variety of clip-art. The iMARC-IT engraver allows you to use multiple fonts and type sizes on a single item, and allows you to preview your item before engraving exactly as it will appear. The internal software also allows for automatic serial numbering onto items, which makes engraving ID plates a breeze.

Have limited space? The iMARC-IT engraver has a tiny footprint of just 14″ x 16″. The small size allows this machine to be placed almost anywhere… including most counter tops.

A 1-year limited warranty is included with the iMARC-IT engraver, which covers tech support and any repairs that may be needed during this time. This engraving machine includes one fixture with a multi mat insert to easily hold your items to the table. Additional fixtures for engraving specific items, such as dog tags, are also available. For a small fee, Vision is happy to create any custom fixtures that you may need.

For more information on the iMARC-IT engraving machine, or any other Vision System, contact the Vision Engraving & Routing Systems sales office at (888) 637-1737 or visit online at .

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