New High Volume Vacuum Nosecone

High Volume Vacuum Nosecone

High Volume Vacuum Nosecone

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems has just released a new high volume vacuum nosecone. This nosecone can be used with any Vision engraving machine or CNC router equipped with either a 110V or 220V vacuum system. The nosecone is easily attached to the engraving spindle to provide easy clean-up as plastic, or any other material, is being engraved. The vacuum system keeps the engraving material clear of debris, to ensure the best final product.

The new high volume nosecone allows for a larger quantity of debris to be removed from the table, compared to Vision’s standard vacuum nosecone. This reduces the chance of the nosecone becoming clogged during the engraving process and typically allows a higher feed rate to be used when cutting through materials.

The high volume nosecone can be purchased through Vision’s online store,

For more information on the new high volume nosecone, contact the Vision sales office at (888) 637-1737 or visit online at

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