Vision’s NEW 1624R Small CNC Router!

Blog Post 11.07.12 – Vision Engraving & Routing System Introduces Small Footprint with Full Capabilities in 1624R CNC Router/Engraver

In October 2012, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, a global manufacturing leader of rotary engravers and CNC routers added the 1624R CNC Router/Engraver to their product line. It combines the rugged and reliable capabilities of Vision’s CNC routers with the features and flexibility of its engravers, and is the perfect blend of size and functionality in a small footprint.

NEW 1624

The 1624R is ideal for light to heavy-duty applications including notary seals, tool and die work, tags, plates, deep metal cutting, ADA/Braille signage, parts marking, plastic engraving, control panels and more in a 16″ x 24″ work area, 33″ x 33″ desktop system. This quality system offers rugged, superior performance, reliability, serviceability, and exceptional features that Vision customers have come to expect since 1983.

The 1624R has the unique ability to utilize multiple spindles which have been tailored to meet customer’s needs.

Router Options:

  • ¼ HP Floating Engraving Spindle which will cut up to ¼” plastic per single pass
  • 3 HP Direct Drive Router Spindle which will cut up to ¼” aluminum per single pass
  • 50K RPM Spindle designed for fast deep metal marking/engraving
  • Automatic Braille Inserter
  • DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System)
  • Red Laser Pointer to define work area and preview job
  • Automatic Misting System for Cutting/Engraving Metals

Ranging from simple diamond drag engraving to high RPM, high-speed metal marking and cutting, Vision has a solution to meet your business needs.

For more information, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems,
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