Express Engraver Connector Ports

The Vision Express Small Engraving Machine is an affordable entry-level engraving machine that boasts big features in a compact size. When you look at the back of the Vision Express engraving machine, there are various connector ports. Some of these connector ports may look familiar some may not. This is a brief overview of those ports and what they are used for.

  1. The power connector port is located on the bottom right of the Express Small Engraver, as shown in the image below. Plug the power cable into this port and connect the other end to an electrical outlet.
Power connector ports location.
1) Power Port.
  • The LAN cable is located on the top left as shown in the image below. This is the data connector port that connects the Express Small Engraver directly to an open LAN port (direct connection or LAN adaptor) on your computer or into a network switch.
LAN connector port location.
2) LAN Port.
  • The next port located on the top right just above the power connector port, is for the Vacuum relay switch (If purchased) . This accepts the round black connector with the grey wire. To plug it in, line up the notch and twist the barrel connector for a secure fit. This allows your software/engraver to turn the vacuum off and on as needed.
Vacuum relay switch connector port location.
3) Vacuum Relay Port.
  • Finally the last port is the USB ports located on the bottom left. The USB ports are not used to charge your phone or a direct connection to your computer. They are used to update your machine’s firmware as directed by Vision’s tech support. Please do not plug anything into the USB ports, unless directed by Vision’s tech support staff.
USB connector port location.
4) USB ports.

Ensure that you plug the correct connectors into the appropriate ports securely on the Express Small Engraving Machine. If there is a problem with a connector not fitting right, or if it looks like the wrong type of connector, please contact Vision Tech Support for assistance.

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