How To Set Braille Pen

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems simplifies the process of making ADA Compliant Braille Signs with their automatic Raster™ Braille insertion tool and Vision PRO software, which includes fonts specific for Braille signage. The Braille Pen eliminates the tedious process of inserting Braille Rasters by hand and Vision Pro software alerts you when your ADA sign is non-compliant, showing areas that need correction. Vision’s Auto Braille Inserter and Vision Pro Software are essential tools for shops wanting to produce ADA compliant signage. The Braille Pen is what inserts the Raster ™ Beads into this ADA sign, this is a quick guide on how to set it.

The Braille Rasters are pressure fit into the ADA substrate so you must Set the Surface for the Braille pen to get the appropriate pressure.

To set the Braille inserter pen, make sure the bracket is loose so the pen can move up freely.

To set the Auto Raster Braille Inserter Pen loosen the bracket so it moves up freely.

Z the spindle down until the tip of the Braille inserter pen is right above the material you want to put the Braille Rasters into.

Tip of Braille Inserter Pen sitting on material.

Change the jog speed to Slow and Z down until the top of the metal pin on the bracket is flush with the top of the metal flange on the Braille inserter pen.

Showing metal pin on bracket flush with top of flange.

Press Set Surface on the pendant and then Enter.  That should pop up the spindle and the Braille pen should be sitting above the material.

Now you can raise the Braille pen and tighten the bracket so the pen sits higher than the bottom of the vac nose cone on the spindle.

Braille Pen raised after it has been set.

When you get to the Braille part of the job and the pendant says “please lower Braille inserter” drop the pen down on the bracket and tighten the bracket screw.

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