Computerized Engraving Machines: Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a number of important things to consider before purchasing computerized engraving machines. First, decide which materials you’ll work with the most. Computerized engraving machines can work on a variety of materials, but the power necessary to engrave certain substrates can vary. If you often work with metals or PVC the rotary systems might work better, but if you mostly work with laserable plastic or coated metals and don’t desire a dimensional look, you may be happy with a laser engraver. If you plan to work primarily with odd-shaped or uneven surfaces, you’ll get better quality with rotary engraver equipment.

Start by determining the sizes of the pieces that will make up the bulk of your work. Match the engraver model to the most common piece size for the majority of jobs you’ll do.  Larger models enable you to cut or engrave more pieces at a time for better productivity.

Estimate how much work you’ll need to produce. If you have large quantities to engrave, computerized engraving machines with larger engraving areas will save you time and dramatically boost your productivity.

Rotary engravers are production machines that will work over a wider variety of engraving applications to produce two and three-dimensional engraving, while the laser engravers are effective for jobs that need a printed look. Unless you plan to work with wood and do one-dimensional engraving, rotary engravers are far more effective, creating greater depth and richness to the finished product at a less expensive overall cost.

For more information about how to purchase computerized engraving machines, contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems.

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