Notice to Vision Customers – New Dongles

Vision Engravers Orange Dongle

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems is starting to ship a new type of dongle with
Vision Pro 8 software instead of the purple Hasp dongle. The new dongle is an
orange USB memory stick. Some of the advantages of the new orange USB
memory-type dongle are:

· Requires no Windows dongle driver as Windows looks at it like a standard USB
memory stick.
· The orange dongle can be plugged in before Vision Pro is installed.
· The orange dongle has license files that work only with the particular dongle
that they are installed on.
· When Vision Pro is installed, it will automatically install the correct type of Vision
Pro (Vision Pro, Vision Pro LT, Vision Pro Laser, etc.).
· Passwords are no longer required to install the software.

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