Suggested Maintenance for Your Vision Engraver

Vision engraving and routing machines need very little regular maintenance, but we do recommend a periodic maintenance schedule. Depending on your use, environment, and applications, these tasks may have to be performed more frequently.Vision 1624 Engraver

  • As Needed: Vacuum or brush engraving debris off table, clean vacuum canister filters
  • Daily: Remove chips from the spindle( if you do not have the vacuum chip removal system)
  • Monthly: Lubricate the Z-Axis lead screw, the spindle housing, and the steel X,Y lead screws
  • Every 6 Months: Check motor brushes ¬†(if necessary) and lubricate the Z-Axis linear bearing)

Following our suggested maintenance schedule will ensure the smooth operation of your engraving or routing machine. Please check back on our blog each day this week for detailed posts about axis and spindle lubrication, removing chips, as well as replacing the motor belt and brushes.

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