Array Function

Using the array function is a quick and easy way to duplicate an object multiple times with even spacing, and make it fit into a specific area.

For this example, a 2.5 inch box was used on a 12”x12” plate.  After the box is made (using Shape Tools),  place it in the upper left corner (make sure it is selected),  then click on Layout (top drop down tool bar), then click on Array.1


After clicking on Array, the top menu will change, allowing the item selected to be duplicated multiple times in both the X axis (left to right), and the Y axis (top to bottom).


Grid is the easiest to use (which allows for going in the direction of both X and Y), but other options can be chosen from the drop down menu.


The horizontal and vertical spacing is for Object to Object or Between Object.


To duplicate the item selected multiple times on the X axis, change the Total X value.


To the X axis down the Y axis, change the Total Y value.


For practical purposes, it is best to make any changes and apply the tool path/s to the first object before duplicating so that everything is duplicated.





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