Common Shortcut or Hot Keys in the Vision Software

Shortcuts or Hot Keys are key combinations on the keyboard that when pressed perform certain functions in the software. For instance, pressing the control button and the “A” button at the same time will perform the “Select All” function selecting everything on the workspace. This is commonly written in shorthand as CTRL+A. Shortcuts make navigating through the Vision software faster. Below is a list of commonly used shortcuts in the Vision software.

Shortcut               Function

CTRL+A                 Select All

CTRL+C                 Copy

CTRL+V                 Paste

CTRL+D                 Duplicate

F7                           Zoom to selected item(s)

F8                           Zoom to sign blank

ALT+End              Center Horizontally

ALT+Home          Center Vertically’

Hot Keys

If you search through the Vision software help files you will find a thorough list of shortcuts, hot keys and function keys.

Hot Keys2

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