How To Engrave Deep Metal with Proximity Enabled W/Top Loading Tools

1) Install the metal nose cone.

2) Rotate the micrometer all the way to the top when you can no longer turn it stop. Come down 3 complete turns/revolutions, passing 0 twice and stopping on 0.

Using a metal nose cone for deep metal engraivng.
Metal nose cone installed on spindle, for metal engraving.

3) Bring the spindle out over a flat spot on the table and place a piece of material on the table flat. Insert the tool you want to use into the spindle and make sure the tool is snug in the spindle.

Spindle over a brass plate.

4) Lower the spindle until it is about 1/4” away from the flat piece of material on the table.

a) Holding the cutting tool’s shaft with one hand.

b) Loosen the set screw on the brass knob using the cutter wrench with the other hand.

c) Slowly lower the cutter, until the tip of the tool touches the material.

Set screw location on cutting tool.
loosening the set screw
Lower the tip of the  tool on the brass plate.

5) DO NOT tighten the set screw in the brass knob, this needs to remain free floating.

Do not tighten the set screw.

6) Go back to pendent and lower the spindle all the way down until the metal nose cone touches the material, along with the tip of the free-floating tool. This will push the tool up, making it even with the metal nose cone.

Lower the nose cone on to the brass plate.

7) Once the nose cone is touching the material, double check the micrometer on the spindle and make sure it’s still on 0.

8) Leave the nose cone and tool on the surface of the material and tighten up the set screw in the brass knob on the tool.

Tighten the set screw.

9) Your tool has now been zeroed.

Your tool has been zeroed and surface set. You are now ready for Deep Metal Engraving.

10) To make cutter depth changes, you dial the micrometer to the desired depth. For example, if you want a .005 depth, just dial to 5, or 10 for .010.

Metal engraving with the micrometer set to .005 cut depth.

11) Remember to set proximity to enabled in the cut toolbox, before sending the job over.

12) Depending on the material, its recommended to use more passes and not be aggressive on removing too much material.

13) The nose cone will leave shadowing marks on the material that may require some additional buffing after engraving.

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