Introducing The New Express S5 Small Engraving Machine!

It is with great pleasure that Vision Engraving & Routing Systems announces the NEW Express Series 5 Engraver with V-Touch technology. The Express S5 has undergone a variety of upgrades that improves the user’s engraving experience. The most noticeable update is a user friendly, multi-functional touch-enabled display. Looking deeper past the outer aesthetics, the internal systems have also gotten an extremely useful upgrade. One that boosts productivity and gives the Express S5 Engraving Machine a highly desirable advantage in price and features over other machines in its class.

The touchscreen gives a highly intuitive user interface allowing for an easier and a much faster engraving process. The easy to read display has an icon base navigation, making it as easy if not easier to adapt to as your smart phone. You’ll be able to move the x, y, and z axis, change settings and more, all at the touch of your fingertips.  The Measure feature is also included which allows Vision’s “Measure Wizard” to be used to easily measure and locate the engraving on odd shaped items.

The robust technology powering V-Touch adds additional functionality beyond control and navigation. An internal memory will allow you to save frequently used jobs directly on to the Express S5 Engraving Machine. You’ll also be able to run these jobs without the use of a computer. This offers many advantages, as well as making the Express Engraver very portable and easier to train on.

“The Express Engraver was first released as an entry level machine that offered advance features at an affordable price, when compared to other machines in its class”, said Joe Marziano Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Vice President. He goes on to say, “The NEW Express S5 with V-Touch Technology comes with more advancements than its predecessor. However we are still going to offering it at the same affordable price point keeping it true to its initial market audience.”

Manufacturing in the USA since 1983, Vision Engraving & Routing System‘s Industry leading machines are unmatched with their technology, customer service, training, and high quality machines.  Contact Vision Engraving & Routing System today at 1-888-637-1737 or visit them online at to learn more about the NEW Express Engraving machine with V-Touch technology, power at your fingertips!

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