Multiples Using Score Lines

Multiples Using Score Lines

(The Most Efficient Way to Cut Multiple Tags)

Using the Score Lines is a very efficient way to cut out many tags at once.  Instead of cutting each tag out individually, Score Lines makes 1 pass down each row.

Make the plate size the size of the tag you want to make and put your text in the plate (in this example it is a 1”x3” tag).

Make sure you select the text and click on multiples.  From there, make sure Use plate is checked and choose Score Lines from the drop down menu.  For Margins, make sure you have at least 1/16th” (.0625) for Top and Left, under spacing-put in .060 (which is the diameter of the cutter/beveler or parallel cutter used for cutting out) for Vertical and Horizontal, type in the number of copies that you want and click on OK (of course if the text needs to be different, then Highlight the text to the right and either hit Ok or check Replacement data file if you have a text file to use, then OK).

***For more detailed information on Multiples, look up Multiples and Serialization, and how to add Excel into Multiples in the Quick Tips.***

From here, select everything in the plate, use Filter by color, select the black for the engraving, and select red for the cutout (the scorelines).

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