Phoenix 1212 Engraver with NEW V-Touch Technology

Phoenix 1212 Engraver with V-Touch Technology

Introducing Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Phoenix 1212 Engraver with NEW V-Touch Technology! The Phoenix 1212 is a professional grade medium sized engraving machine with a highly adaptive work area. V-Touch Technology, its newest upgrade adds a multi-functional touch screen display, internal memory, and other performance enhancing features.

Ideal for busy workshops looking to save on space without sacrificing engraving area, the Phoenix 1212 has a medium size form factor with an open back design. This allows the Phoenix to fit on most counter-tops and engrave materials as big as 12” x 12” or longer. It comes with an aluminum T-Slot table for holding down flat materials but can also engrave odd shaped items up to 3 ¼” thick using it’s optional deep vise. You can make and or engrave name tags, legend plates, custom signs, control panels, awards, parts marking, serialization, and more on a variety of materials.

The most noticeable upgrade received with V-Touch Technology is a multi-functional touch screen display, added to the front right of the Phoenix 1212 Engraver. It has an icon base navigation like most smart phones and allows for a highly intuitive user interface. You will be able to move the x, y, and z axis, change machine settings and more with just a touch of your finger tip. Another of the many tools at your disposal is the measure feature which allows Vision’s “Measure Wizard” to easily measure and locate the engraving area on your applications.

v-touch technology

The robust technology behind V-Touch goes beyond machine control and navigation. An internal memory source has also been integrated into the system. This will allow you to save jobs directly on to the Phoenix and run them through the touch screen without the need of a computer. This will allow for a more streamlined process, faster training and many other benefits of not always needing to be connected to a computer.

“With some applications if set-up properly, the operator doesn’t even need to touch the software.” said Zach Houser Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Applications Engineer. He goes on to say, “Just place your material on the machine, select the saved job on the touch screen, and run it.”

Manufacturing in the USA since 1983, Vision Engraving & Routing System‘s Industry leading machines are unmatched with their technology, customer service, training, and high quality. Contact Vision Engraving & Routing Systems today at 1-888-637-1737 or visit them online at to learn more about the Phoenix 1212 Engraving Machine with NEW V-Touch technology, power at your fingertips!

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