Introducing Vision Engraving & Routing System’s NEW Series 5 Controller with V-Touch Pendant! Boasting advanced features and improved performance, the Series 5 with V-Touch Pendant is included with Vision’s 16 Series Engravers and larger CNC Router / Engravers. The V-Touch Pendant has a large multi-functional touch screen, an icon base display and a highly intuitive navigation. Dedicated to offering the most advanced systems at best in class pricing, Vision’s Series 5 Controller with V-Touch Pendant is a testament to that dedication!

Last year’s Series 4 Pendant with push button interface and large LCD screen is still considered a high standard in the CNC industry. However, current trends show touch screens being adapted into everyday electronics. You’ll see them in smart phones, watches, and even kitchen appliances. It’s wide use in everyday life has made touch screen technology very user friendly and accepted into the mainstream.  With that in mind it isn’t a big surprise that Vision has incorporated a multi-functional touch screen into their NEW Series 5 V-Touch Pendant. Putting advanced and relevant technology into their machines while keeping at an affordable cost when compared to other systems in its class.

“The new S5 and V-Touch Pendant allows for faster speeds and better accuracy, but its benefits go beyond that.” said Joe Marziano Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Vice President. He goes on to say, “We used our many years of knowledge as an industry leader to build a very robust and efficient controller.”

Hold the V-Touch Pendant in your hand or have it sit perfectly on any flat surface. It has an easy to read multi-functional touch screen with a large icons-based menu. Gone is the all-encompassing face of the Series 4 Pendant, showing you all buttons and options at once. The sleek new menu options on the V-Touch Pendant will only show you the available options for your current process. Years of developing and testing plus years of knowledge has gone into the design of the Series 5 Pendant, simplifying machine operation for a faster process and ease of use. You’ll have access to a variety of features such as the Measure feature which works in conjunction with Vision’s “Measure Wizard” to easily measure and locate the engraving area. You’ll also be able to move the x, y, and z axis, change settings and more, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Manufacturing in the USA since 1983, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems industry leading machines are unmatched in quality, technology, customer service, and training.  Call us today to get a free live demo of our NEW Series 5 Controller with V-Touch Pendant, power at your fingertips!

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