Laser Measurement Tool

The laser measurement tool in Vision Engraving Software is very useful. It allows you to measure the size of your engraving area on your material using a laser pointer, then imports the measurements as your plate size into Vision Engraving Software. The measurement tool makes setting up your application easier, and allows for precise placement of your marking/ engraving on your application area. This quick tip is only for the series 5 Express Small EngraverVE810 Small Engraver, and Phoenix Medium Engraver. The series 5 large machines and all of the series 3 and series 4 machines have this feature as well, but the process to use the Laser Measurement Tool is a bit different.

The Laser Measurement feature is located in the Layout dropdown under Plate Size in the menu bar. See Fig 1.

Location of Laser Measurement Tool in menu bar.
Fig 1 Plate Size In Menu Bar.

In the Plate Size dialog box, click on the Measure button. See Fig 2.

Fig 2 Measure button in the Plate Size dialog box.

This will turn on the laser measurement feature on the engraving machine. See Fig 3.

Laser Measurement screen on engraving machine.
Fig 3 View of the touch-screen on the engraver when the Measure feature is turned on.

Use the arrows on the touch screen, to move the laser pointer to the upper left-hand corner of the engraving area. Next press the center yellow button on the touch-screen to set this as your upper left location. See Fig 4. Press the “Fast-Med-Slow” button to adjust the moving speed of the engraver.

Laser at top left location of engraving area.
Fig 4 Laser pointer at the upper left-hand corner of the engraving area.

Now that you have set your upper left location, use the arrows on the touch screen, to move the laser pointer to the lower right-hand corner of the engraving area. See fig 5

Laser at bottom right of engraving area.
Fig 5 Laser pointer at the lower right-hand corner of the engraving area.

When you are over the desired location, press the center yellow button on the touch-screen. The center yellow button will now change to a magnifying glass. See Fig 6.

When Laser Measurement Tool is done measuring the magnifying glass button will appear at center of touch screen.
Fig 6 Center button on the touch screen has changed to a magnifying glass.

Optional, if you press the magnifying glass, it will move the laser outlining the engraving area. See Fig 7.

Fig 7 Press the magnifying glass to outline the engraving area with the laser pointer.

After confirming the engraving area, select the “X” button on the top left of the touch screen to go back to the home screen.

The size of the material you just measured will now be displayed as your Width and Height. See Fig 8.

Plate dimensions shown on computer screen.
Fig 8 Width and Height of material displayed in Vision Software.

Click OK and your new plate size will be displayed on your screen. See Fig 9.

Plate shown on computer screen.
Fig 9 Plate size displayed on the screen.

Before you engrave, you will notice on the top toolbar, “Preset home 8”.

Preset Home 8 on toolbar.

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