Custom Home Position

The home position is your engraving machine’s starting position, it is also the position your engraver will move back to when it is done running a job. The ability to set a custom home position can be very useful. If the shape of the object you are engraving blocks the path of your engraving head when leaving or returning to the default home position, you can change the home position to avoid hitting your engraving material. Changing your home position can also help speed up the engraving process by shortening the distance your engraving head needs to travel to or from during the start and end of a job. This quick tip is only for the series 5 Express Small EngraverVE810 Small Engraver, and Phoenix Medium Engraver. You can set a custom home position on the Series 5 large machines and all of the Series 3 and Series 4 machines as well however, the process is a bit different.

First press the Jog icon on the built-in touch screen. See Fig. 1

Press the Jog Icon on the built in touch screen.
Fig. 1

Next, turn on the laser by selecting the magnifying glass icon. See Fig. 2

Magnifying Glass icon on the built-in touch screen.
Fig. 2

Scroll through the custom home selections icons. For this example, we have selected custom home “3.” Note that the “3“ icon is highlighted red. To change your home position, simply tap the current home position until you reach the “3”. Fig. 3

Select 3 on the built-in home screen to save your custom home position.
Fig. 3

Next, use the directional arrows on the jog screen to position the laser to your new custom home position. In Fig. 4 we have moved the laser to the upper left-hand side of the object we are engraving.

Positioning the laser on the top left of our engraving area.
Fig. 4

Press the “blue cross” icon at the center of the touch screen to set your custom home position. See Fig. 5

Press the blue cross at the center of the built-in touch screen display to set you custom home positon.
Fig. 5

Select the “X” icon in the lower left corner to return to the home screen. See Fig. 6

Select X on the built- in touch screen to return to the home screen.
Fig. 6

You will also need to set the home position to “3” in the software before you send the job. See Fig. 7

Select 3 in your engraving software to use your custom home position.
Fig. 7

Remember to change back to “home 1” when you have finished with this project.

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